Tom Peters – live blogging

March 14th, 2006

Hei, sunt aici si tocmai începe. Sa vedem ce se intampla cu asteptarile mele.

Tom Peters, live blogging from Bucharest.

9:52 – Clyde Prestowitz wrote a good book, no need to read it, just the title: 3bn bew capitalists (think China)
10:01 – there is only one solution: Inovation
10:02- You (romania) are not going to beat china in costs
10:03 – what happens after China? More China!
10:05 – there is no difference between romanian schools, german schools, british schools
10:10 – the smartest people aren’t the best; the ebst are those more resposible to change
10:19 – Taiwan – chic branding; New Zealand – Design excellence – everybody wants out of the low cost image, because of China
10:20 – we can’t survive playing the same game we’ve been playing for the past 25 years
10:32 – South eastern europte has better prospects than Germany or france
10:36 – on entrepreneurship – if you run a mercedes at age 15, is less likely you’ll start a caompany
10:42 – giant companies don’t work; giant companies are awful
10:46 – I learnt only 4 things in 40 years (one a decade):
– decentralization
– execution
– accoutnability
– 6:15 AM – the earliest presentation I had out of 2.400 – at GE

10:54 – to innovate, hang up with people that are not like you; angry customers, strange competitors, crazy employees help you innovate
11:12 – if you spend 80% of time on doing better what you did yesterday, you’ll never innovate
11:15 – reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.
11:32 – sales is all there is in life

12:21- Do things before you’re ready, and then adjust
12:36 – EU has 850.00 pages of regulation, no wonder it has a problem with entrepreneurship
12:37 – Brussels scares the hell out of me, with all its buildings and people
12:39 – stupid questions TOm has to answer: where is EU going in 10 years, what do you think about Bush administration…
13:02 – Being 5 years ahead is fantastic, but it can hurt the P&L
13:15 – miling the cash cow is over because it means milking the old cow
13:21 – be relevant to your community, don’t copmpare yourself to the giants
13:22 – Being dramatically different wins
13:24 – There is nothing easier in the world than beating a giant company (think local)
13:31 – resillience is important (hmm… just heard the same thing on a recent CAlacanis podcast)
13:44 – my goal is to not work with anybody who ins’t the best in the world
13:57 – each department (hr, finance etc) should see itself as a comany, with goals and positionng and everything, competing with professional services companies eager to get the outsource business
14:06 – if you think it doesn’t matter what you do at work (where you spend most of your time), you’re stupid
(think excellence)
14:11 – IBM managed to transform from a company that makes boxes in a comany that sells ideas (IBM Global Services – $55bn / year)
14:08 – Customer satisfaction is wrong, we don’t want to make them smile. CUSTOMER SUCCESS is key.
14:14 – think gamechanging solutions

15:26 – branding is the answer to the simple question: who are we? what’s the dream?
15:27 – who’s got the best story wins
15:43 – there are 2 giant world markets worth trillions of dollars:
1) women. Women buy everything. Women tahe 83% of all consumer purchases.
– still women complain they’re being treated as brainless when they go shopping
2) baby boomers (people born between 1946-1964) and geezers (older than boomers)

16:11 – guys are into things, women are into relationships
16:21 – women are better in sales, because they’re good at relationships
16:33 – entrepreneruship should be taught in schoool; our schools teaches kids to become the german army
16:43 – leaders aren’t the best strategists; they hire the best strategists
16:46 – there is no training in the history of the world that can train somebody to be enthusiastic

16:49 – the 3 most important words of a leader are: “I DON’T KNOW”

16:54 – Live your story
16:55 – how do I convince people to be more entrepreneurial? By being more entrepreneurial.
16:56 – what you need is a TO DON’T LIST
16:57 – calendars do not lie – you=your calendar (no matter of what you think you are)
17:00 – “you can only find oil if you drill wells” – from the best oil finder in the world
17:03 – never hire a person who doesn’t have enthusiasm. never-ever-ever-ever
17:12 – “the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” – Michelangelo

17:16 – it is much better to be in ROmania, than in Germany on the US – because here you have all the possibilities

That’s it.

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  • 1. Adrian  |  March 14th, 2006 la 10:58 am

    Cel putin pe mine m-ai facut fericit. Probabil ca slide-urile o sa le pot descarca maine de pe Cand o sa ne intalnim, iti dai seama ca nu scapi pana nu faci “reconstituirea”…

  • 2. Eugen  |  March 14th, 2006 la 11:28 am

    sa inteleg ca a venit pregatit? i’m surprised

    cel putin wally olins mi s-a parut total neinteresant, cand a fost acu 2 ani aici.

  • 3. Romerican  |  March 14th, 2006 la 12:03 pm

    I think price should be *a* factor, but not *the* factor. For now, China has a lockdown on price in many areas, but not in all areas. Furthermore, price is not the only decision point.

    Romania has natural geographic advantages in that shipping costs to most of Europe is less expensive than shipping (literally) things from China.

    Romania has natural culture advantages in that much of the concepts and language is common to the experience of the rest of Europe.

    Romania has (increasingly) a natural political advantage as the communist mafia is slowly dismantled and more free-market oriented social networks are placed in positions of power. It offers a bit more predictability than China does.

    Furthermore, Peters misses another big point (according to the short summary given, anyway): China isn’t the only player. Nor will there be only one player.

    India is a big opponent. The United States is also your opponent. Korean is an opponent. Locally, I’d point to Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia as opponents.

    The good news is that sometimes competition can give way to coopetition. Romania should forge those relationships early and maintain a leadership position in them.

    But don’t be afraid to compete on price. Lower prices often drive the market and Romania should be proud to compete partly on price. “Flaunt it, if you got it!”

  • 4. Tia O'Connor  |  March 14th, 2006 la 12:27 pm

    “Everybody feel good about yourselves! And thanks for cash!”

  • 5. Radu Ionescu  |  March 14th, 2006 la 12:27 pm

    da, a zis ca slide-urile vor fi pe

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  • 7. zuza  |  March 14th, 2006 la 1:42 pm

    ce tare :) chiar eram foarte curioasa cum a decurs. multumiiim :)

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  • 9. lucian  |  March 14th, 2006 la 5:11 pm

    in romania se preda acum in liceu “educatie antreprenoriala”,
    m-am uitat la un moment dat peste un manual si mi s-a parut chiar rezonabil
    oricum e un inceput

  • 10. Adrian Diaconescu  |  March 14th, 2006 la 6:02 pm

    Care e faza cu slide-urile alea? Sunt ucigatoare!

  • 11. Adrian  |  March 14th, 2006 la 7:26 pm

    i’t is much better to be in ROmania, than in Germany on the US – because here you have all the possibilities”…probabil ca asta e motivul pentru care am mai ramas cativa in tara ..

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  • 13. Adrian Mironescu  |  March 14th, 2006 la 9:10 pm

    Thank you! Super iniţiativa! :)

  • 14. Andrei Rosca  |  March 14th, 2006 la 9:57 pm

    Merci, merci Radu ! Very useful info

  • 15. Frank  |  March 14th, 2006 la 11:39 pm

    “what you need is a TO DON’T LIST…”

    Item 1: DON’T waste your money on meaningless advice.

    Live your story? Thanks, I think I will.

    Thanks for the live blogging. It’s a fascinating insight into Mr. Peter’s mind. It even inspired me.

    But I think Mr. Peters might be a little bit annoyed if he found out his super-power-points were published for free… :) Or does he have a policy on that?

  • 16. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 8:24 am

    – incidentally that’s one oh the best pieces of advice (FOR ME) that I’m actually going to put in practice – that doesn’t mean it has a sense for everybody (there isn’t anything in the world that works for everybody)

    – some extracts are taken out of context; it was just me taking notes every now and then

    – I think mr Peters is not going to be annoyed at all; first – because it’s a huge difference between reading this quotes and ideas AND seeing him present it; that’s why he makes public all his (hundreds of pages) of PPT – it’s like reading a screenplay vs seeing the movie

    Second, because I had (since last week) the official approval from the organisers to live blog the event.

    Does this answer your questions/remarks/comments?

    And yes, ‘living your story’ resonates with me. It’s what I’m doing. It doesn’t have to have a sense for you or anybody else.

  • 17. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 9:23 am

    Well, I suppose it’s like a religion then – it either resonates or it doesn’t.

    My own personal response was to laugh like a mouse on crack, but I guess we don’t need to look into the actual facts of Mr. Peters curious advice to the world.

    Glad to see you have his seal of approval and that he’s not going to be annoyed.

  • 18. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 9:40 am

    I’m a professional, Frank, not a kiddo.
    I wouldn’t have done this without official approval.

    And you know, there are people out there who are born enthusiasts and are eager to gather even more enthusiasm from people they meet, books they read or (guru) speakers they see.

    It’s not you, obviously.

  • 19. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 10:40 am

    Now now, Radu, don’t forget Mr. Tom Peters huge indestructible power balloon number 15:

    ‘to innovate, hang up with people that are not like you; angry customers, strange competitors, crazy employees help you innovate’

    What I am saying might be very useful to you. And yet you try and dismiss me as someone who was born without enthusiasm for anything!

    Tsch tsch… Mr Peters would be most disappointed. I do hope he’s not annoyed all over again.

    Have you read “How to fleece people of all their cash” by I.C. Suckers? He’s a genius. I have a special candle burning for him in my window.

  • 20. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 10:50 am

    might be useful, maybe I don’t get it, but that’s all I see: you saying no-no-no, TP sucks, those who paid tickets to see this con-artist are all suckers (also from your blog).

    angry/strange/crazy doesn’t refer to side-commenters (talkers, not doers) or NO-people.

    It refers to those einsteins out there who’re crazy enthusiasts and doers and that everybody take as jokes. I don’t know you, but you sure don’t look like one.

  • 21. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 12:13 pm

    I AM a doer, dammit.

    Why, only this morning I went out and bought donuts. I had thought … ‘no, no, it’s too cold, and people will point at me and laugh and say “Hey, there goes that crazy einstein buying his stupid donuts again.”‘

    But I went and bought them anyway. I have great enthusiasm for donuts and no one is going to stop me getting them.

    Thanks for the paraphrase of my thoughts – but really, I am saying a *lot* more than that. Irony is such a powerful tool of communication, don’t you think?


  • 22. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 12:40 pm

    I do think, all the time. Therefore I am.

    hey, i’ll talk to the organisers, your thoughtful and enthusiastic advices might attract even more ‘suckers’ like me to pay a ticket, wadda you think?

    Have fun with the hot donuts in the meantime ;)


  • 23. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 1:10 pm

    Jesus, no … Stop! Don’t talk to the organisers! They’ll come after me with shovels. I’ll vanish in a box.

    Please, I will say anything. I love Tom Peters!

    “12:37 – Brussels scares the hell out of me, with all its buildings and people”

    Brussels scares me too Tom! Scariest city in the whole world!

    Ah, well so much for irony.

    Here’s the point. I really am a ‘doer’, as Tom would see it. I came here four years ago and set up my own business from scratch.

    It’s easy to throw out sound bites, but you’ve got to engage with the reality too. Too many people are willing to pay for the soundbites as if they cured everything in themselves. It’s a seductive thing and I somehow suspect that Mr. Peters knows this too.

    And in the end who needs him? You just go out there and do it, right? I’ll make my own mistakes, thanks very much and learn from them for free. I can use the money I saved for donuts.

  • 24. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 1:26 pm

    It appears you managed to build a strong / continously growing / world-class compamy here, without any soundbites from Peters and alike.

    If you’re a doer as you say, you probably apply 90% of what TP said yesterday anyway.

    If you don’t believe in learning from other’s experiences or stories, but only from your own (nothing against that – I truely believe in this, but not this alone), it means you’re limiting to what you know.
    Do you know everything?

    But, then again, you managed to build a world-class brilliant company without listening to any ‘puppet’ who gets money from ‘suckers’, or without reading books or anything.

    It sure doesn’t look like this from my humble (and ‘sucker’) point of view and you’re kind of lying to yourself that you’re the king of the world. And felt like proving it by commenting advices of a real achiever, who talks from real experience in real life.

    If anything – it’s sure we have completely different views about life.

  • 25. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 1:55 pm

    Well, Radu, I guess I’m just not enough of a crazy einstein for you then.

    Did I write that I was king of the world? When did I write that? I get kind of forgetful in my limited goldfish bowl.

    First you were very quick to dismiss me as someone without enthusiasm. Then you jumped to dismiss me as a ‘talker’ not a ‘doer’. Now you learn I’m a doer you want to say I’m not doing enough. I guess you really badly want me to go away then. So I’ll leave you to your expensive discussions with the world kings.

    And no, I don’t know everything, but I’ve sure talked to many many more interesting and useful people that Mr. Peters in my life. And they talked to me for free too! Amazing, huh?

    But, if you really really feel that you just have to pay for someone to tell you to “live your own story”, then be my guest.

    Tom would have been more inclusive. Tom would have been my friend…. sniff….sniff…

  • 26. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 2:16 pm

    Frank – you’re the one calling us suckers (no subtlty here). I tried to be less subtle on explaining you that maybe we’re not, but it’s obvious you’ll always take us as suckers.

    Us – those who really enjoy listening stories from people way smarter and more experienced.

    Tom Peters is not a god. I have met smarter people than him too. Some of them are friends. I might have met more people than you – I’m a networking freak.
    I don’t think there’s any story to listen from you.

    And I didn’t believe for a second you are a doer. You keep saying so. If you were a doer, you wouldn’t have said that, but prove it.

    Is your whole attitude that subtly (or not) says – I’m the king of the world, you mortals are all suckers.

    And btw – have you ever attented a presentation in your life? You think it’s about the words? Or have you run teams as in people?
    Than you’re probably more likely to read a screenplay than see De Niro acting it. I’m not.

    And just to clarify – I’m not doing anything to get you off this site. I’m just saying frankly and directly what I believe.
    I could’ve easily moderate comments like you do on your blog, but I truly believe in free speech and conversations.

    It’s your choice if you want a dialogue or not. I’m not gonna censor myself just to keep you (or anybody) coming back.

  • 27. Lucian Ilica  |  March 15th, 2006 la 2:39 pm

    In primul rand te invidiez (stiu ca nu e frumos) pentru participarea la acest eveniment.

    In al doilea rand, multmesc pentru “live blogging”.

    In al treilea rand, sa imi spun si eu parerea despre astfel de evenimente. Am avut ocazia, cu multi ani in urma (eram “mic”) sa particip la ceva de genul, datorita AIESEC: 12 ore cu Marcus Orlovski. Si ce e fantastic e sa participi, super comparatia cu a citi un scenariu vs a vedea filmul. Ceea ce spune, daca pui pe hartie ulterior … nu e nici o reteta minune, nu e nici o mare revelatie, sunt lucruri pe care le stie orice antreprenor cu bun simt si cu educatie si mentalitate sanatoase. Ceea ce este fantastic este CUM le spune si mai ales efectul emotional si motivational …

    Toate bune!

  • 28. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 2:57 pm

    Great, so we’re back to Tom then? I thought I was going to have to show you some of my bank statements there for a moment.

    You say you don’t know me, but you keep on telling me about myself, which is kind of, well, scary… Let’s stick to the point here, shall we? This isn’t a personal thing.

    So, going back to your list of what Tom actually says – what’s its value? Let’s pick some at random.

    How about: “sales is all there is in life”. That’s profound. It’s a pity all those artists, writers, revolutionaries and philosophers wasted their time then.

    Or: “guys are into things, women are into relationships”. What is this? Unica magazine?

    Or: ” Branding is the answer to the simple question: who are we? what’s the dream?”. If that’s true, then just hand me the gun now. One bullet will do.

    Or: “Being dramatically different wins”. So all those who are
    dramatically the same lose?

    Why pay for this? You can find this written down on the back of a thousand matchboxes all over the world, and that doesn’t make it any more true.

    OK so maybe Tom says it standing on his head, or with lasers or something. But the information itself is so simplistic and easy to pick apart, that it just isn’t worth paying for.

  • 29. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 4:15 pm

    frank – you definitely don’t get my point and you’re not answering my questions.

    you just enjoy hearing yourself – the same way Vadim says that everybody’s stupid. but him.

    you still don’t understand the difference between reading Bon Jovi’s lyrics and watching him perform. The lyrics are known by any asshole; but not any asshole can sing as he does.

    Maybe you’re an artist and than it all make sense, but you’re definitely no way a business man, not to say an entrepreneur.

  • 30. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 4:32 pm

    and BTW – just to make things even clearer: in life, and specifically in business, it’s about very simple/common sense / well known things that everbody knows, but few apply.

    And this is what people like Tom Peters and alike are doing: they’re making you more enthusiastic and motivated to apply them.

    And on sales – even artists sell: they sell ideas. Got it? I-D-E-A-S.
    If you think the word sales reffers only to door-to-door sales you have way more problems than replying me, with your hotshot air.

    BTW – on your blog, comments from ‘suckers’ never get through, right?
    Only from relatives or people-saying-good-things, huh?

  • 31. Frank  |  March 15th, 2006 la 5:30 pm

    Sure, Radu, I’d love to hear Bon Jovi belting out “Brussels scares the hell out of me” to 50 000 people – and I hope that Tom can sing well too.

    I can see this is going to have to be done the old fashioned way. Point by point….

    Your questions:

    Have I every attended a presentation in my life? Yes. In fact, I’ve given a few.

    Have I ever run teams of people? Yes. As a project manager for Logica cmg in the UK.

    Has that got us any further in our discussion on Tom? I don’t think so. That’s because my own personal life is completely irrelevant to that discussion. You’re the one who keeps trying to make it personal here, not me.

    What else have we got? You don’t believe I’m a doer because I should go ahead and prove it? And running a business isn’t enough proof for you? What am I supposed to do, run the world?

    To quote you, Tom says … “well known things that everbody knows” – the business things, right?
    So, ummmm… if everyone knows it, then why pay for it…?

    It seems to me that you’re claiming now that it’s because Tom says these things in a *special* way, like Bon Jovi – giving “motivation” to his audience.

    Boil that down and it comes close to – Tom says the obvious and makes me feel good about it. Sorry, but I’m still not going to pay him for that.

    OK, the sales thing. Do I really have to spell this one out? If, as Tom says, “Sales is ALL there is in life” – then what’s left to actually sell? Is it not more likely that there ARE in fact more things to life than sales and that THAT’S what’s good about life which is WHY the stuff gets sold in the first place?

    Tom sells ideas, sure. Empty ideas perpetuating nothing. You value them. I don’t. The extra thing in life, apart from sales, is that other stuff people value. QED.

    My blog – yeah, I’ve got to own up to this and say it’s a bit screwed up for the comments right now because of my, shall we say, ‘original’ attempts to get rid of spammers. I don’t moderate anything and I apologise if you’ve been trying to comment without success. Anyone who knows me and my blog will know that I don’t give a damn who says what on there.

    Your personal attacks on me are beginning to look bad Radu. Comparing me to Vadim and saying I’m worthless as a businessman? Come on now, Tom’s not worth it.

    I’ll leave this one here and go back to the life and the laughter. You may have the last word, if you wish.

  • 32. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 5:45 pm

    I am so gladiator-like because you called suckers 300 entrepeneurs and top managers who paid to see Tom Peters.

    Including me.
    And I take things personally.
    I love being called a sucker or dumb-ass or whatever for an explained reason and by somebody who has a point and from whom I have something to learn. I’m a sucker for that in fact.

    But all you could come up with is – it’s wrong / wrong / wrong. You argue about sales and branding and leadership with no arguments. In fact with your argument is NO.

    PS (clue): running a business is not the point. What you get out of it is. Everybody *does* something, including senior people in asylums.

  • 33. Bogdan  |  March 15th, 2006 la 9:22 pm

    Bun, cred ca sunt singurul care a citit povestea voastra de dragoste pana la sfarsit. Si cum te-ai plans ca Frank isi modereaza comentariile, sunt sigur ca nu vei face la fel cu acesta.

    Radu, nu te cunosc, desi stiu de Kinecto inca de cand ati aparut pe piata. Ti-am citit unele interviuri din presa iar de ceva vreme ti-am mai citit si blogul (pe sarite). Initial, mi s-a parut ca esti un tip ingamfat, prea te dai mare cu toate business-urile pe care le faci tu. Si, hop, mi-am adus aminte ca asa faceam si eu cand aveam un asociat care a injectat 25.000 EUR in firma la care eram asociat minoritar. Si atunci mi-am zis ca nu e bine sa-ti pun o eticheta, pentru ca nici eu nu vorbeam de business-urile (mai mult proiecte, de fapt) mele cu ingamfare, ci, mai degraba, cu entuziasm. Am continuat sa-ti acord prezumtia de neingamfare si chiar sa-mi impun sa gandesc pozitiv. Dar astazi mi-ai dat lovitura. La cat de academic esti tu – cursuri, seminarii etc – in nici un caz nu ma asteptam la atata lipsa de respect in disputa ta cu Frank.

    Daca as fi fost in locul tau, mi-ar fi fost rusine. Sau poate ti-am dat eu credit prea mult…

    In rest, fii pe pace, sunt constient ca parerea mea conteaza mult prea putin si ca nu te intereseaza sa mi-o schimb si ca n-o sa ma fortezi sa mi-o schimb. Continua sa “leading successful people and running succcessful businesses”, ca sa te citez…

  • 34. atti  |  March 15th, 2006 la 9:23 pm

    Hi Radu,

    I read the notes you posted on the site about what Mr Peters said and frankly I saw nothing new I read the same ideas on his site it was called “Tom Peters: This I Believe” if I`m not mistaking.The same ideas were presented in this event frankly I could not afford to pay 500 euro to go and see him and if he said nothing new then it wasn`t worth the money anyway.

    I am also a big Tom Peters fan and I enyoj reading about him and watching his interviews. Tthanks for posting on the blog the main ideas it`s a pitty that I didn`t see anything new there. I am looking forward to reading his new book Re-Imagine! I`m sure that it`s inspirational and motivational.

  • 35. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 9:49 pm

    Ok, am exagerat. A lot.

    Doar ca nu gust faza cu “toti care ati fost acolo sunteti suckers”.

    Da, sunt convins ca pt multi nu are sens sa se duca. Da, poate prezentarea nu a fost cea mai geniala. Da, Porter poate o sa fie mai bun. Da, poate nu merita in general sa dai bani pe un eveniment.

    Da, accept pareri diferite. Insa nu inteleg etichetarea gratuita a unor oameni pe care nu ii cunosti (da, aceeasi greseala pe care am facut-o si eu ulterior si cu care am exagerat).

  • 36. troniu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 10:48 pm

    …auzisem de pe ici si colo despre noile religii ale lumii contemporane. Intr-un fel, aparitia lor mi se pare de inteles, cele vechi devenind fade si demonetizate. Zeii vechi au devenit si ei fazi si demonetizati, iar unul nou, cu zimti sau fara, verde sau de alta culoare luind-le locul.

    Am evitat contactul cu ele dar azi am fost curios sa citesc disputa ta cu Frank si uite, incep sa vad o bucatica dintr-una din noile religii si sa-ti spun drept nu-mi place ce vad.

    Poate ca parerea mea este superflua si ignorabila, dar nu ai exagerat doar, ci ai gresit. Si ai gresit in puncte esentiale iar Frank ti-a dat o lectie din care ar trebui sa inveti mult mai mult decit din lectiile anterioare. Nu cred ca poti face biznis emotional, asa cum se vede din comentarii. Nu cred ca poti face biznis fara a avea echilibru si fara a avea abilitatea de a discuta punctual pe subiect evitind a deveni personal (“gicu prostu / ciinele nostru” sau “am un prieten care are un unchi care e sofer pe un Rolls Royce si sint mai tare ca tine”). Si in plus, mai mult decit orice, nu cred (eu personal) ca e bine sa urmezi cu fanatism o religie. Sau un profet. Indiferent cine ar fi religia sau profetul ala.

    Gindeste-te. Citeste-ti ultimul comentariu si inceraca sa intelegi de ce te contrazici. Citeste argumentatiile lui Frank. Solid as a rock. Invata.

    Sau ignora.

    P.S. “toti care ati fost acolo sunteti suckers”. E o ipoteza. E falsa? Poti dovedi? Te simti aparator de grup? De ce?

  • 37. Radu Ionescu  |  March 15th, 2006 la 11:53 pm


    Invat – ca din orice experienta, pozitiva sau negativa. Dreptatea e oricum un lucru extrem de subiectiv si relativ.

    Nu pot dovedi ca nu suntem suckers, poate chiar suntem. Toti 300.
    Apropo – unii chiar au plecat nemultumiti de acolo. Altii dimpotriva. Pe ~50-60 din participanti ii cunosc personal, si nu ii consider suckers, ci sunt chiar oameni de succes care conduc business-uri si echipe. Si nu prin conjunctura, ci pt ca sunt destepti.

  • 38. Adrian  |  March 16th, 2006 la 3:10 am

    Religia cere credinta. Radu nu are nevoie sa argumenteze prea mult de ce el crede ca nu a aruncat banii pe fereastra. El crede ca i-a investit. Crede ca o sa-si recupereze investitia de 480 euro (sper ca a beneficiat de reducerea Biz!) pentru 5 ore in aceiasi sala cu TP (daca scadem 30 usd valoarea cartii Re-imagine!, gustarile pe care le-a papat in pauze, cartile de vizita de businessman-ii prezenti, plus celebritatea care si-a castigat-o prin participare, atunci, investitia nu mai pare exagerata). Atunci cand Radu va avea un succes va crede ca si TP l-a ajutat putin. Si putem noi sa-l contrazicem? Ca in orice religie, importanta e credinta. Eu zic ca 80% din informatie o gasesti pe site/carti sau in alte surse. Emotia, nu stiu…TP foloseste multe citate. Dar numai din publicatii serioase sau de la leaderi care au facut ceva din companiile lor. Este un motiv suficient sa-l asculti ?! (nu am zis sa-l platesti).

    P.S. 1. Cred ca sunt un fan TP! mai vechi si mai inrait decit Radu. Dar sunt prea zgarcit si nici nu am incredere in mine, asa cum are Radu in el. Deci, ….nu am fost.

    P.S. 2. Despre Tom Peters: „The uber-guru” – The Economist
    “Business’s best friend and worst nightmare” – Business Week – … vazut pe net….(dupa ce am vazut ca si Frank e apreciat de presa straina )

  • 39. licitat  |  March 16th, 2006 la 10:16 am


    Even the smartest of people can be suckers from time to time. These two different characteristics do not exclude each other.

    I also think that during the discussion you became kinda defensive and at some point even the initial topic was forgotten leaving place for personal attacks which I really do not regard as professionall attitude.
    More like kiddo (if you allow me to quote yourself) attitude who is defending his toy and has no other arguments than to atack the discussion partner.

    I think you also have a point and personally I would have attended Tom Peters if I was in country. I believe it’s an experience and you can learn from it. The point if it is expensive or not is irrelevant as it relates to each of us individually. If you or 300 othersdecide to payfor this even 10000 then for you it’s not expensive. It’s the right price.

    In the end I will say that I completely agree with troniu. It was a lesson and we all have to learn from it. My respects to Frank for the way he handled this.

  • 40. Radu Ionescu  |  March 16th, 2006 la 10:33 am

    That’s for sure – anybody’s a sucker at some point. I completely agree – I agreed before too.

    But calling everybody a sucker – including people like Richard Moat (CEO of Orange) – 2 seats in front of me; Radu Florescu, GM of Saatchi&Saatchi on my left; Ioana Manea, owner of Loco, on my right; or even people from Frank’s industry (web) like Orlando, Vlad or Silviu Sirbu, isn’t very professional either (and it pissed the hell out of me).

    Yes, things got out of control, obviously, and I shouldn’t have been so brutal. I was a sucker for doing it.

    One more thing: I didn’t go to Kotler last year because I don’t think I can learn anything new from him (same way Frank and others think about Tom Peters); no way do I think those 1.000+ people who paid tickets are ‘suckers’ or that Kotler is a ‘jerk’.
    On the contrary – I admire them for being open to ideas and experiences.

  • 41. Tia O'Connor  |  March 16th, 2006 la 10:55 am

    Radu, this is a polite invitation, no irony here – go on Frank’s site and demonstrate, using the SCIENCE of logics, that he called you and the other attendents “sucker”. A quick information (“am un prieten care are un unchi care e sofer pe un Rolls Royce si sint mai tare ca tine”, as troniu said): Frank is a doctor in philosophy and political science at the Essex University in England. His speciality is Wittgenstein. Pe bune.

  • 42. licitat  |  March 16th, 2006 la 10:59 am

    stop defending . just accept that you did a mistake.

    whatever he called you it does not justify your attitude
    I had a much better impression about you.

    And I am refferring here to most of the comments from this post and to the comments from Frank’s blog.

    radu ionescu said…

    “Frank & Tia, hi, I think you are both really geniuses. All the best and keep up the good work.”

    radu ionescu said…

    “Well, Tia, you’re so kind. I don’t need a rest, ty v much. I’m doing fun stuff, you know, the usual stuff suckers and jerks do: leading successful people and running succcessful businesses. Although maybe I should take your advice and apply for a job on your company – do you need any janitors?”

    peace man

  • 43. Frank  |  March 16th, 2006 la 12:10 pm

    You’ve gone way too far, Radu.

    “But calling everybody a sucker – including people like Richard Moat (CEO of Orange) – 2 seats in front of me; Radu Florescu, GM of Saatchi&Saatchi on my left; Ioana Manea, owner of Loco, on my right; or even people from Frank’s industry (web) like Orlando, Vlad or Silviu Sirbu, isn’t very professional either (and it pissed the hell out of me).”

    Please demonstrate exactly where I, personally and actively call each and every one of these individuals suckers. If you cannot do that then publicly withdraw that statement and apologise.

    Your statment is untrue and very close to slander. I won’t stand by and let that go unchallenged.

  • 44. licitat  |  March 16th, 2006 la 2:16 pm

    Frank, you really think it’s necessary that this whole mess escalade even more?

    I think a point has been made and everyone learned something.

    This should be ok, right?

  • 45. Frank  |  March 16th, 2006 la 2:42 pm

    Yeah, I know what you mean licitat. I bowed out yesterday and I wanted to keep it that way.

    I’ve not even bothered to answer to Radu’s continued and false accusation that I called him or anyone else a sucker.

    But… when he actually drags other people into this – people I don’t know and wouldn’t dream of insulting – that’s really low.

    OK, it’s a tiny thing – but I can’t let it go without strongly denying it.

    You’re right though – I’ve said my piece and in the end –
    whaddya whaddya … let’s leave it at that.

  • 46. laura  |  March 27th, 2006 la 1:11 am

    Hi Radu and Frank,

    Although what I’ve read on this blog and what little I know about your companies cannot be considered a world of information I can definately say that in comparison to me, you are both part of the “smarter, more experienced & successful ” category of people.

    I’m not trying to complement you but tell you that for the moment you’re making my dreams of successfully developing a top company seem much more achievable.
    How so? What I often see in the people as successful as I want to become – as you are or perhaps will be- is the extraordinary knowledge, the inspiration, the “fler” for business, all those qualities that I’m afraid I might not have enough of.
    It’s refreshing to see that this type of people can also be-and I apologise if I’m offending anyone- childish. That’s a quality I know I’ll always have enough of:))

    Once again, I admire your business achievemnts Radu and Frank and really thank you.


    PS: Here comes a question asked 100 times before I’m sure, but I couldn’t help it: I just can’t believe your day has just 24 hours Radu: how do you have time to run your company, read & write blogs, do networking and have a family life? (I’ve been at a presentation of yours on Entrepreneurship:))

  • 47. grumpy  |  July 18th, 2006 la 4:11 pm

    dude, your spelling sux

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